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Individual Sessions

In individual sessions, I honor where my clients are coming from.  Many people go through life not ever feeling truly understood, and I want to try and understand where you are coming from.  I want to understand who you really are. You are not alone.

If you are ever thinking about these types of questions, I can help:


Are you feeling unhappy, but you're not quite sure why?

Do you feel exhausted, even though you slept all night?

Do you feel like you can't slow your thoughts down?

Do you feel unsafe, but maybe don't know why?

Confused why you can't just leave the past, in the past?

Does hurting yourself cross your mind?

Is a member of your family drinking a little too much alcohol ?

Is a member of your family using narcotics?

Do you wonder if you are drinking too much?

Do you feel like there's is no one you can turn to for help?

Do you feel alone?

Have you lost someone important to you and

you're not sure how to feel better?

Do you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities?

Not quite sure how to do a "good job" or

do what your loved one may have wanted?

Do you ask yourself, "How can I make my life meaningful?" ,

"What does it mean to be a "good" person?",

"How do I come to terms with my mistakes?"

Do you wonder if there is a "God", does "God" love me?


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